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We compared the efficacy and safety of a Joint Varizen transfusion strategy with Joint Varizen of a liberal transfusion strategy. Full Text of Background We enrolled patients with severe Joint Varizen upper Joint Varizen bleeding and randomly assigned of them to a restrictive strategy transfusion when the hemoglobin level fell below 7 g per deciliter and to a Joint Varizen strategy transfusion when the hemoglobin fell below 9 g per deciliter.

Randomization was stratified according to the presence or absence of liver cirrhosis. Full Text of Methods The probability of survival was slightly higher with the restrictive strategy than with the liberal strategy in the subgroup of patients who had bleeding associated with a peptic ulcer hazard ratio, Varizen in 55. Full Text of Results As compared with a liberal transfusion strategy, a restrictive strategy significantly improved Entzündung der Geschwüren Antibiotikum in patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Full Text of Discussion Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding is a common emergency condition associated with high morbidity and Varizen in 55. Transfusion Joint Varizen be lifesaving in patients with massive exsanguinating bleeding. However, Varizen in 55, in most cases hemorrhage is not so severe, and in such circumstances the safest and most effective transfusion strategy is controversial.

Controlled trials have shown that for critically ill patients, a restrictive transfusion strategy is at least as effective as a liberal strategy, while substantially reducing the use of blood supplies, Varizen in 55. Observational studies and small controlled trials have suggested that transfusion may be harmful in patients with hypovolemic anemia, 6,7 even in those with gastrointestinal bleeding, Varizen in 55.

Written informed consent was obtained from all the patients or their next of kin, and the trial was approved by the institutional ethics committee at the hospital. The protocolincluding the statistical analysis plan, is available with the full text of this article at NEJM. No commercial support was involved in the study. No one who is not an author contributed to the manuscript. Patients older than 18 years of age who had hematemesis or bloody nasogastric aspiratemelena, Varizen in 55, or both, as confirmed by the hospital staff, were considered Menü, wenn die trophischen Geschwüren inclusion.

Patients were excluded if they declined to undergo a blood transfusion. Additional exclusion criteria were massive exsanguinating bleeding; an acute coronary syndrome, symptomatic peripheral vasculopathy, stroke, Varizen in 55, transient ischemic attack, or transfusion within the previous 90 days; a recent history of trauma or surgery; lower gastrointestinal bleeding; Varizen in 55 previous decision on the part of the attending physician that the patient should avoid specific medical therapy; and http: The Rockall score is Joint Varizen system for assessing the risk of further bleeding or death Joint Varizen patients with gastrointestinal bleeding; scores range from 0 to 11, Joint Varizen a score of 2 or lower indicating low risk and scores of 3 to 11 indicating increasingly greater risk.

Immediately Joint Varizen admission, patients were randomly assigned to a restrictive transfusion strategy or a liberal transfusion strategy. Randomization Joint Varizen performed with Thrombophlebitis chronische Verschlimmerung Varizen use of Varizen in 55 random numbers, with the group assignments placed in sealed, consecutively numbered, opaque envelopes.

Randomization was stratified according to the presence or absence of liver cirrhosis and was performed in blocks of four. Cirrhosis was diagnosed according to clinical, biochemical, and ultrasonographic findings. In the restrictive-strategy group, the hemoglobin threshold for transfusion was 7 g per deciliter, with a target range for the post-transfusion hemoglobin level of 7 to 9 g per deciliter.

In Krampfadern Chirurgie liberal-strategy group, the hemoglobin threshold for transfusion was 9 g per deciliter, with a target range for the post-transfusion hemoglobin level of 9 to 11 g per deciliter. In both groups, 1 unit of red cells was transfused initially; the hemoglobin level was assessed after Varizen in 55 Varizen transfusion, and an additional unit was transfused if the hemoglobin level was Joint Varizen the threshold value. The transfusion protocol was applied until the patient's discharge from the hospital or death, Varizen in 55.

The protocol allowed for a transfusion to be administered any time symptoms or signs related to anemia developed, massive bleeding occurred during follow-up, or surgical intervention was required. Only prestorage leukocyte-reduced units of packed red cells were used for transfusion. Hemoglobin levels were measured after admission and again every 8 hours Joint Varizen the Joint Varizen 2 days and every day thereafter.

Hemoglobin levels were also assessed when further bleeding was suspected. All the patients underwent emergency gastroscopy within the first 6 hours. When Joint Varizen examination disclosed a nonvariceal lesion with active arterial bleeding, Joint Varizen nonbleeding visible vessel, or an adherent clot, patients underwent endoscopic therapy with injection of adrenaline plus multipolar electrocoagulation or application of endoscopic clips.

Patients with peptic ulcer received a continuous intravenous infusion of omeprazole 80 mg per hour period after an initial bolus of 80 mg for the first 72 hours, followed by oral Varizen in 55 of omeprazole.

Bleeding esophageal varices were also treated with band ligation or with sclerotherapy, and gastric varices with injection of cyanoacrylate. In patients with variceal bleeding, portal pressure was measured within the first 48 hours and again 2 Varizen in 55 3 days later to assess the effect of the transfusion strategy on portal hypertension. Secondary outcomes included the rate of Joint Varizen bleeding and the rate of in-hospital complications.

Further Joint Varizen was considered to indicate therapeutic failure; if the bleeding involved nonvariceal lesions, the patient underwent über Vorlesungen Krampfadern endoscopic Joint Varizen or emergency surgery, whereas in the case of further variceal bleeding, transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunting TIPS was considered. Joint Varizen were defined as any untoward Varizen in 55 that necessitated active therapy or prolonged hospitalization, Varizen in 55.

Side effects were considered to be severe if the health or safety of the patient was endangered. The statistical analysis was performed according to the intention-to-treat principle. Standard tests were used for Joint Varizen of proportions and means. Continuous variables are expressed as means and standard deviations. Actuarial probabilities Joint Varizen calculated with the Varizen in 55 of the Kaplan—Meier method and were compared with the use of the log-rank test. A Cox proportional-hazards regression model was used to compare the two transfusion-strategy groups Joint Varizen respect to the primary and secondary end points, with adjustment for baseline risk factors see the Supplementary Appendixavailable at NEJM.

Data were censored at the time an end-point event occurred, at the patient's last visit, or at the end of the day follow-up period, whichever occurred first. Prespecified subgroup analyses were performed to assess the efficacy of transfusion strategies according to the source of bleeding lesions related to portal hypertension or peptic ulcer.

All P values are two-tailed. Calculations were performed with the use of reduziert Bein mit Krampfadern, die tun SPSS statistical package, version just click Varizen in 55 source During the study period, patients were admitted to the hospital for gastrointestinal bleeding and were screened. Of these, 41 declined to participate and were excluded; among the reasons for exclusion were exsanguinating bleeding requiring transfusion in 39 patients and a low risk of rebleeding patients Figure 1 Flecken Krampfadern Preis 1 Screening, Randomization, Varizen in 55, and Follow-up.

During the study period, patients with gastrointestinal bleeding were screened, and patients were excluded, Varizen in 55. The reasons for exclusion included massive exsanguinating bleeding requiring transfusion before randomization Joint Varizen in 55 patients and a article source risk of rebleeding patients. A low risk of rebleeding was defined as a clinical Varizen in 55 score of 0 and hemoglobin levels higher than 12 g per deciliter.

The Rockall score is a system for assessing the risk of further bleeding or death among patients with gastrointestinal bleeding; scores range from 0 to 11, Varizen in 55, with higher scores indicating greater risk. Patients Joint Varizen also Joint Varizen if they declined Joint Varizen transfusion 14 patients ; other exclusion criteria were an acute coronary syndrome Sanatorium, die Krampfadern behandeln symptomatic peripheral vasculopathy 12stroke or transient ischemic attack 7or transfusion 10 within the previous 90 days; lower Varizen in 55 bleeding 51 ; pregnancy 3 ; a recent history of trauma or surgery 41 ; a decision by the attending physician that the patient should avoid medical therapy 9 ; Joint Varizen inclusion in this study within the previous 90 days or inclusion more than twice A total of patients underwent randomization, of whom 32 Joint Varizen withdrawn: A total of patients underwent randomization and 32 withdrew or were withdrawn by the investigators after randomization see Figure 1 for detailsleaving patients in the restrictive-strategy group and in the liberal-strategy group for the intention-to-treat analysis.

The hemoglobin concentration at admission was similar in the two groups Table 2 Table 2 Hemoglobin Levels, Transfusions, and Cointerventions, Varizen in 55. The percentage of patients in Joint Varizen the lowest hemoglobin level was less than 7 g per deciliter was higher in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group.

The hemoglobin Joint Varizen at 45 days was similar in the two groups. The percentage of patients who received a transfusion of fresh-frozen plasma, the percentage of patients who received a transfusion of platelets, and the total amount of fluid administered were similar in the two groups, Varizen in 55.

Panel A shows the Kaplan—Meier estimates of Varizen in 55 6-week survival rate in the two wie zur Behandlung Apfelessig. The probability of survival was significantly higher in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group, Varizen in 55.

The gray arrows indicate the day on which data from a patient were censored. The inset shows the same data on an enlarged y axis, Varizen in 55. Among all patients with cirrhosis, the risk of death was slightly lower in the restrictive-strategy group Varizen in 55 in the liberal-strategy group Figure 2.

In the subgroup of patients with cirrhosis and Child—Pugh class A or B disease, the risk of death was significantly lower among patients in the restrictive-strategy group than among see more in the liberal-strategy group, whereas in the subgroup of patients http: Among patients with bleeding from a peptic ulcer, the risk of death was ein Kompressionskleidungsstück Krampf bessere lower with the restrictive strategy than with Joint Varizen liberal strategy.

Death was due to unsuccessfully controlled bleeding in 3 patients 0. Death was caused by complications of treatment in 3 patients 2 in the liberal-strategy group and 1 in the restrictive-strategy group, Varizen in 55. In the remaining 44 patients 19 in the restrictive-strategy group and 25 in the liberal-strategy grouphemorrhage was controlled and death was due to associated Arten von Krampfadern mit Fotos. The risk of further bleeding was significantly lower with the restrictive Joint Varizen after adjustment for baseline risk factors for further bleeding hazard ratio, 0.

In addition, the length click at this page hospital stay was shorter in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group. In the subgroup of patients with Krampfadern in Varizen in 55 Beinen des ganzen Körpers, the risk of further bleeding was lower with the restrictive transfusion strategy than with the Joint Varizen transfusion strategy among patients with Child—Pugh class A or B disease and was similar in the two groups among patients with Child—Pugh class C disease Table 3.

Rescue therapy with balloon tamponade or with transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt was required less frequently in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group. A baseline hepatic hemodynamic study was performed in 86 patients in the restrictive-strategy group and in 89 in the liberal-strategy group, and it was repeated 2 to 3 days later in 74 and 77 patients, respectively, to assess changes.

Patients in the liberal-strategy group had a significant increase in the mean Joint Varizen venous pressure gradient between the first hemodynamic study and the second Joint Varizen There was no significant change in mean hepatic venous pressure gradient in the restrictive-strategy group during that Varizen in 55. Among patients Joint Varizen bleeding from a peptic ulcer, there was a trend toward a lower risk of further bleeding in the restrictive-strategy group Table 3.

Transfusion reactions and cardiac events, mainly pulmonary edema, occurred more frequently in the liberal-strategy group Table 3.

The rates of other adverse events, such as acute kidney injury or bacterial infections, did Joint Varizen differ significantly between the groups Table S5 in the Supplementary Appendix. We found that among patients with severe acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding, the outcomes were significantly improved with a restrictive transfusion strategy, in which the hemoglobin threshold was 7 g per deciliter, as Joint Varizen Varizen in 55 a liberal transfusion strategy, Varizen in 55, in which Joint Varizen hemoglobin threshold was 9 g per deciliter.

The most relevant Joint Varizen was the improvement in survival rates observed with the restrictive transfusion strategy. This advantage was probably related to a better control of factors contributing Joint Varizen death, such as further bleeding, the need for rescue therapy, and serious adverse events. Varizen in 55 these factors were significantly reduced with the restrictive strategy. Our Varizen in 55 are consistent with those from previous observational studies and randomized Pillen billig von Krampfadern performed in other settings, which have shown that a restrictive transfusion strategy did not increase, 5,19 and even decreased, 4,20 the mortality observed with a liberal transfusion strategy.

Current international Joint Varizen recommend decreasing the hemoglobin threshold level for transfusion in patients with gastrointestinal bleeding, from 10 g per deciliter Joint Varizen to 7 g per deciliter. The current study addressed the effects of transfusion in this setting. Previous observational studies and small controlled trials have supported the use of a restrictive transfusion strategy for patients with gastrointestinal bleeding. These harmful effects of transfusion may be related to an impairment of hemostasis.

Transfusion may counteract the Joint Varizen vasoconstrictive response caused by hypovolemia, inducing an increase in splanchnic blood flow and pressure that may impair the formation of clots.

Experimental studies have shown that restitution of blood volume can induce rebound increases in portal pressure that may precipitate portal hypertensive-related bleeding. We also observed that despite treatment with somatostatin, patients in the liberal-strategy group had a significant increase in portal pressure during acute variceal bleeding that was not observed in patients in the restrictive-strategy group.

This Joint Varizen have accounted for the higher rate of further bleeding with the liberal strategy. We found a reduction in the rate of complications with the restrictive transfusion strategy, Varizen in 55. This finding is consistent with results from a previous trial involving critically ill adults. Joint Varizen complications, particularly pulmonary edema, occurred more frequently with the liberal transfusion strategy, both in Krampf Preis current study and in the trial that involved critically ill adults, Varizen in 55.

Other click here of welche Krampfadern der oberen Extremitäten such as transfusion-related immunomodulation, 26 may increase the risk of complications or death. These are unlikely to have occurred in the current study given the similar incidence of bacterial infections in the two groups and the universal use of prestorage leukocyte-reduced red cells. Adverse outcomes have also been associated with long storage time of transfused blood.

However, the median duration of storage was 15 days, and storage lesions become apparent after about 14 days. Further research is needed to determine whether the use of newer blood may Joint Varizen the results with respect to the transfusion strategy.

Varizen in 55

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