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Set Thrombophlebitis

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Upgrade to remove ads. NClex Fundamentals of Nursing. The physician orders hourly urine output measurement for a postoperative client. The nurse records the following amounts of output for 2 consecutive hours: Based on these amounts, which action should the nurse take? Therefore, this client's output is Set Thrombophlebitis. Beyond continued evaluation, no nursing action is warranted.

A hospitalized client who has a living will is being fed through a nasogastric NG tube, Set Thrombophlebitis. During a bolus feeding, the client vomits and begins choking. Which of the following actions is most appropriate for the Die Wundheilung von Gewebe trophischen Geschwüren to take? A living will states that no life-saving measures are Set Thrombophlebitis be used in terminal conditions.

There is no indication that the client is terminally ill, Set Thrombophlebitis. Furthermore, a living will doesn't apply to nonterminal events such as choking on an enteral feeding device. The nurse should clear the client's airway. Making the client comfortable ignores the life-threatening event. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation isn't indicated, and removing the NG tube would exacerbate the situation.

The physician orders an intestinal tube to decompress a client's GI tract. When gathering equipment for this procedure, the nurse identifies Set Thrombophlebitis of the following as an intestinal tube?

A Miller-Abbott tube is an intestinal tube. A Sengstaken-Blakemore tube is an esophageal tube. A Levin tube and a Salem sump tube are nasogastric tubes. A pediatric nurse is asked to work temporarily float in the intensive care unit ICU because there are few clients in the pediatric unit.

The nurse has never worked in ICU and has no critical care experience. Which action is most appropriate for this nurse? The pediatric nurse should notify the nursing supervisor about feeling unqualified and untrained. The nursing supervisor can guide the pediatric nurse as to the tasks the pediatric nurse is qualified to perform in the ICU without jeopardizing the nurse's nursing license. When the census on a unit is low, many facilities use staff to float to another unit as a cost-effective and reasonable manner for managing resources.

Option 4 puts the decision and responsibility for performance on Set Thrombophlebitis nurses. However, the nursing supervisor should make those decisions because the supervisor knows the overall needs of the facility Set Thrombophlebitis can, therefore, best allocate nursing resources.

A nurse should never take responsibility for a total client care assignment if the nurse doesn't have the skills to plan and deliver that care. A nurse manages a unit that has four Set Thrombophlebitis vacant positions, and nurses volunteer to work extra shifts to cover the staffing shortages, Set Thrombophlebitis.

One of the staff nurses hasn't volunteered and states, Set Thrombophlebitis, "Forty hours a week of nursing is all I can manage to do. I won't Set Thrombophlebitis for overtime, Set Thrombophlebitis. It's discriminatory and punitive for the nurse-manager to alter the staff nurse's schedule. The remark is inappropriate and unprofessional, and the nurse-manager should receive counseling. The physician could choose to ignore the comment, but any provider who hears of discrimination should deal with it.

If the matter can be resolved locally, reporting the nurse-manager to the labor relations board should be avoided. Institutional documentation should exist for such matters. It's inappropriate for the physician to inform the staff nurse about what was said. Such action could create difficult relations on the unit and thereby affect nursing care.

A client who suffered a stroke has a nursing diagnosis of Ineffective airway clearance, Set Thrombophlebitis. The goal of care for this client is to mobilize pulmonary secretions. Which intervention would help meet this Set Thrombophlebitis Repositioning the client every 2 hours helps prevent Set Thrombophlebitis from pooling in dependent lung areas.

Restricting fluids would make secretions thicker and more tenacious, thereby hindering their removal. Administering oxygen and keeping the head of the bed Set Thrombophlebitis a degree angle might ease respirations and make them more effective but wouldn't help mobilize secretions. A client who recently immigrated to the United States from Korea is hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns, Set Thrombophlebitis.

He speaks little English and has been lying quietly in Set Thrombophlebitis. Ten hours after his admission, the nurse conducts a serial assessment and asks him whether he's in pain.

He smiles and shakes his head vigorously back and forth, Set Thrombophlebitis. Which nursing action would be most appropriate at this time? The Set Thrombophlebitis should consider the possibility Set Thrombophlebitis Varizen aber keine Beine verletzt client didn't understand the question or has been conditioned culturally not to complain openly of pain.

Checking vital signs and assessing for nonverbal indications of Set Thrombophlebitis help the nurse determine whether the client is in pain. Accepting the client's response without question or further assessment may lead to inadequate intervention, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Calling the family or giving pain medication isn't warranted because the client denies pain. The staff of an outpatient clinic has formed a task force to develop new procedures for swift, safe evacuation of the unit.

The new procedures haven't been reviewed, approved, Set Thrombophlebitis, or shared with all personnel. When the nurse-manager receives word of a bomb threat, the task force members push for evacuating the unit using the Soda Krampf procedures. Which action should the nurse-manager take? In an emergency such as a bomb scare, the nurse-manager must determine, Set Thrombophlebitis, without hesitation, the best action for the safety and welfare of clients and staff, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Allowing staff members to do whatever they think Set Thrombophlebitis will cause confusion and inefficient client evacuation because no one will Set Thrombophlebitis how to function effectively as a team during the crisis. Taking time to have a staff meet is wasting valuable time, Set Thrombophlebitis. A child with rheumatic fever complains of painful joints, Set Thrombophlebitis.

What nonpharmacologic measures should the nurse use to reduce the child's pain? In rheumatic fever, the joints may be so painful that even the weight of the bed linens can cause pain. A bed cradle lifts the weight of the linens off the child, reducing pain. Pain may be increased when the affected joint is Krampfadern Magazin therefore, Set Thrombophlebitis, passive range-of-motion exercises aren't recommended, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Pain isn't likely to be relieved by massaging the joints. The child should be encouraged to change Set Thrombophlebitis at least every 2 hours to reduce the risk of skin breakdown, but this is unlikely to relieve joint pain. Which strategy can help make the nurse a more effective Set Thrombophlebitis An effective teacher always involves the student in the discussion. Using technical terms and providing detailed explanations usually confuse the student and act as barriers to learning, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Using loosely structured teaching sessions permits distractions and deviations from the teaching goals, Set Thrombophlebitis. A client who's Set Thrombophlebitis member of the Jehovah's Witnesses refuses a blood transfusion based on his religious beliefs and practices. His decision must be followed based on which ethical principle? The right to refuse treatment is grounded in the ethical principle of respect for the autonomy of the individual.

The client has the right to refuse treatment as long as he's Set Thrombophlebitis and aware of the risks and complications associated with that refusal. The right to die is a difficult decision involving whether to initiate or withhold life-sustaining treatment for a client who is irreversibly comatose, vegetative, or suffering with end-stage terminal illness. Sometimes, the client has signed an advance directive, making his wishes known.

Set Thrombophlebitis advance directive is a document used as a guideline for starting or continuing life-sustaining medical care; the client commonly has a terminal disease or disability and can't indicate his own wishes, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Substituted judgment is an ethical principle used when a decision — based on what's best for the client — is made for an incapacitated client. When approaching a family for organ or tissue donation, the als behandeln Krampfadern im Magen should keep in mind which guideline?

The family should be offered an opportunity to speak with an organ procurement coordinator. An organ procurement coordinator is knowledgeable about the organ donation process and should have exceptional interpersonal skills for dealing with grieving family members. Physician support in the process is desirable but consent or written orders aren't necessary for a referral to the organ procurement organization.

The requestor must believe in the benefits of organ donation and support the process with a positive attitude. The family should be approached about speaking to an Set Thrombophlebitis procurement coordinator only after the family has been made aware of the client's condition and prognosis. Approaching a family member who believes there's still hope for recovery will likely result in a negative outcome.

A client who's dehydrated has urinary incontinence and excoriation in the perineal area. Which action would be a priority? Because the skin, the body's first line of defense, is broken and excoriated, Set Thrombophlebitis, keeping the area clean and dry is a priority because it aids healing. Offering the urinal every 3 hours would help set a voiding schedule; however, to avoid incontinence, the urinal should be offered more often, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Continued incontinence as well as moist compresses would contribute to additional skin excoriation and breakdown. To evaluate a client for hypoxia, the physician is most likely to order which laboratory test? All of these tests help evaluate a client with respiratory problems. However, ABG analysis is the only test that evaluates gas exchange in the lungs, providing information about the client's oxygenation status. Standard precautions were designed dass hebt sich von den trophischen Geschwüren the care of all clients in hospitals, regardless of their diagnosis or infection status.

Guidelines for standard precautions include: Disposing of sharp instruments in an impervious container is included in the guidelines for standard precautions.

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Chapter 19 cardio Lab test, clinical test questions, Fill in the blank, Chapter 19 test bank, Set Thrombophlebitis, Cardio system, blood vessels. C 2 Capillary found in endocrine organs that allows hormones to gain rapid entry into the blood. B 3 Capillary with intercellular clefts found in the skin and muscles. A 4 Capillary that may contain Kupffer cells in the lining. C 5 Capillary found where active capillary absorption of filtrate occurs.

B 7 Superior mesenteric vein. E 8 Inferior mesenteric vein. D 9 Hepatic Set Thrombophlebitis vein. A 10 Right gastroepiploic vein. E 12 Supplies the kidney. B 13 Supplies the duodenum and stomach Answer: A 14 Supplies the distal areas of the large intestine. C 15 Supplies pelvic structures. D 16 Artery that does not anastomose.

B 18 Supplies the lower limbs. E 19 Common site to take the pulse. C 20 Major supply to the cerebral hemispheres. A 21 Large unpaired branch of the abdominal aorta that supplies the liver, stomach, and spleen.

E 23 Carries oxygen-poor blood to the lungs, Set Thrombophlebitis. C 24 Drains the scalp. B 25 Runs through the armpit area, giving off branches to the axillae, chest wall, and shoulder girdle.

D 26 Drains the upper extremities, deep vein. E 28 Major artery of the thigh. A 29 Supplies the small intestine. C 30 Carries oxygen-rich blood from the lung Answer: D 31 Vessel commonly used as a coronly bypass vessel. A 33 Site where exchanges of food and gases are made. B 34 Set Thrombophlebitis where blood pressure is lowest. C 35 Site where the velocity of blood flow is fastest.

D 36 Site where the velocity of blood flow is slowest. B 37 Site where the blood volume is greatest. C 38 Site where the blood pressure is greatest. D 39 Site that is the major determinant of peripheral Set Thrombophlebitis. Veins contain valves to prevent blood from flowing backward. This is necessary because the venous vessels are a low-pressure system and the blood must sometimes flow against gravity, particularly in the limbs.

At the arterial end of the capillary bed, hydrostatic forces dominate and fluid moves out, while at the venous end, osmotic forces dominate and the net fluid movement is into the capillaries. Vasoconstriction is a reduction in the lumen diameter of a blood vessel due to smooth muscle contraction.

Vasodilation is a widening of the lumen due to smooth muscle relaxation. Both are regulated by vasomotor Set Thrombophlebitis fibers of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system.

Would the two 2-mm vessels carry more, less, or the Thrombophlebitis ist Nacheinspritzung Komplikationen im Zusammenhang mit amount of fluid, given that pressure is a constant?

The two 2-mm vessels would deliver considerably less fluid for two reasons: Draw a 4-inch circle; then put two 2-inch circles in it and notice the volume difference. With exercise, Set Thrombophlebitis, blood flow is shifted away from abdominal organs to skeletal muscles. It would therefore be wiser to rest after a heavy meal to allow optimum function of the organs of digestion and absorption of nutrients. The mesenteric veins merge into the hepatic portal vein before entering the liver.

The liver dumps into the vena cava. Clinical Questions 1 Describe the effect of hypovolemic shock on the blood vessels and the heart. Hypovolemic shock causes blood vessels to constrict to increase venous return and maintain pressure.

Heart rate increases to compensate for loss of blood pressure and to maintain cardiac output. If volume loss continues, pressure Behandlung von Thrombophlebitis der unteren Extremitäten nationalen Verfahren drops sharply and the shock becomes irreversible, leading to death.

The disease process involves several stages and usually affects the aorta and coronary arteries. The initial event involves damage to the tunica intima caused by bloodborne chemicals or physical factors such as a blow or infection.

Injured endothelial cells release chemicals that increase the uptake by the endothelium of fats, Set Thrombophlebitis, LDLs, and cholesterol. This eventually attracts macrophages that ingest the oxidized fats and, along with smooth muscle cells Set Thrombophlebitis the tunica media, transform into foam cells. Foam cells become fatty streaks, which, along with collagen and elastin fibers secreted by smooth muscle cells, Set Thrombophlebitis, form atherosclerotic plaques.

These protrude into the lumen and narrow the blood vessels. Visual examination revealed that the medial aspect of that leg was red and swollen. A diagnosis of phlebitis was made. Set Thrombophlebitis is phlebitis, and what more serious condition may result if proper healing does not occur?

Phlebitis is an inflammation of a vein accompanied by painful throbbing and redness of the skin over the inflamed vessel. Thrombophlebitis clot formation can result if proper healing does not occur. The danger in thrombophlebitis is the possibility that a clot could detach and form an embolus. This leads to increased blood volume and blood pressure, Set Thrombophlebitis.

ADH also stimulates Set Thrombophlebitis. Gray, a year-old mother of seven children, is complaining of dull, Set Thrombophlebitis, aching pains in her legs.

She reports that they have been getting progressively worse since Set Thrombophlebitis birth of her last child. During her physical examination, numerous varicosities are seen in both legs, Set Thrombophlebitis. How are varicosities recognized? What veins are most likely involved? What pathologic changes have occurred in these veins, and what is the most likely cause in this patient's case?

Varicosities are recognized by the enlargement of the veins. Superficial veins are most likely involved because they have little support from surrounding tissues. The veins have become tortuous and dilated because of incompetent valves that allow the blood to pool, Set Thrombophlebitis, stretching the vein walls.

The likely cause in this patient's Set Thrombophlebitis is her Set Thrombophlebitis, because the enlarged uterus exerts downward pressure on groin vessels, restricting return blood flow to the heart. Wilson Set Thrombophlebitis a year-old stockbroker with essential hypertension. He is African American, obese, Set Thrombophlebitis he smokes packs of cigarettes daily. What risk Ekzeme an den Beinen mit Krampfadern Behandlung for hypertension are typified by Mr.

What steps should be taken to treat Mr, Set Thrombophlebitis. Wilson, and what lifestyle changes should he make? What complications are likely if corrective steps are not taken? The risk factors are obesity, race, a high-stress job, and smoking. Wilson should lose weight, Set Thrombophlebitis, reduce salt intake, quit smoking, and try to reduce his stress level, perhaps by relaxation training, Set Thrombophlebitis.

Medical intervention could include treatment with diuretics, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, Set Thrombophlebitis, and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. Set Thrombophlebitis could include atherosclerosis, heart failure, renal failure, and stroke.

What is it and what caused it? The patient is getting a varicose vein. Due to the growing fetus putting downward pressure on the vessels of the groin and restricting the return of blood to the heart, the valves in the peripheral veins begin to fail. This causes blood pooling, which enlarges these veins and puts additional strain on other peripheral vein valves down the line. Johnston was killed when he was shot in the thigh. Witnesses reported that he bled to death almost before he realized that he was wounded.

Which blood vessel was most likely to have been injured? Why is Set Thrombophlebitis tourniquet usually ineffective in stopping the bleeding from this wound? The wound severed his femoral artery, Set Thrombophlebitis, the largest artery Set Thrombophlebitis the lower Set Thrombophlebitis. A tourniquet may be ineffective because it is a high-pressure, Set Thrombophlebitis, deep artery with a large diameter.

It Set Thrombophlebitis therefore difficult to exert enough pressure through the thigh muscles to stop the bleeding, Set Thrombophlebitis. Describe how the kidneys respond to this Set Thrombophlebitis in blood pressure. When arterial blood pressure declines, special cells in the kidneys release the enzyme renin into the blood.

Renin triggers a series of enzymatic reactions that produce angiotensin II, which is a potent vasoconstrictor. Angiotensin causes an increase in systemic blood pressure, and increases the rate of blood delivery to the kidneys and renal perfusion.

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