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VZ was trading down Friday morning on allegations that it prematurely throttles Netflix, Inc. While telecom subscribers expect reduced bandwidth after having breached a 22 GB threshold, 9to5Mac aggregated Reddit complaints to conclude that Verizon slows speeds prematurely. Users claimed to have tested speeds and found Netflix and YouTube servers to be capped between 10 and 12 megabits per second while other sites run upward of 60 Mbps, Varizen Manipulation.

A Verizon representative told Benzinga the firm has been testing video streaming, and the process should not have disrupted viewing experience. The customer video experience was not affected.

It is notable that, while 9to5Mac implied slower operations diminish the quality of streaming services, the cited consumer complaints did not report poorer viewing experience even if they did acknowledge slower speeds. Benzinga does not provide Varizen Manipulation advice. Membership is Free What are you waiting for? Free Account Login Click here to access your premium account. Contribute Login Varizen Manipulation up. Benzinga - Feed Your Mind. Elizabeth BalboaBenzinga Staff Writer.

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Varizen Manipulation

With Verizon officially not coming to Canada, there are some important questions that need answering. Mainly, Varizen Manipulation, how Varizen Manipulation all Öl für die Beine mit Krampfadern this craziness happen in the first place?

The culprit, for good or for ill, is The Globe and Mailwhich started the ball rolling on Jun. The Varizen Manipulation followed that up with another story on Jun. Only the reporters and editors involved are likely to ever know who those sources were, Varizen Manipulation, but one thing is obvious to the outside world: Surely some Telus executives still have some of their American counterparts on speed dial.

For its part, Verizon had every opportunity to deny that it had made an offer to buy Wind, but it chose to let that one fester. That sure looks like game playing.

So who leaked the info? Conspiracy theorists have mentioned Wind, the Varizen Manipulation and even the incumbents as possibilities, but each of those suggestions range from unlikely to downright crazy. If anyone came out ahead, it may indeed have been Verizon.

While the wireless war was going on in Canada, the U. The company may have been playing a game of chicken, where it was subtly suggesting to Behandlung von Krampfadern der Beine Volk Wegen that it might soon turn its attention elsewhere and that it might not be interested in buying that stake for much longer. Could the company itself, or someone associated with it, have leaked the info to the Globe as a gambit in that negotiation?

The Vodafone agreement ended up happening, so Varizen Manipulation Verizon Varizen Manipulation play everyone, Canadian wireless executives included, Varizen Manipulation, or did circumstances merely change? Out of those two options, the latter is therefore unlikely. Either way, Varizen Manipulation, this all ended up pretty poorly for Canada, Varizen Manipulation. An awful lot of fuss was made, battle-lines were drawn, relationships were strained, harsh words were spoken and an Varizen Manipulation lot of money was wasted through bouncing share prices and incumbent ad campaigns.

And the country has nothing to show for it at the end, Varizen Manipulation. The challenge all journalists face when presented with juicy inside information is Varizen Manipulation ascertaining of the interests Varizen Manipulation. I wonder if that story will ever emerge.

They waited until quite recently, and I would suggest that was because they were serious about Canada: A silver lining is that the federal government now has even more justification for taking our incumbents out behind the woodshed. I agree with you. While the incumbents sure made a big splash of hysterics and theatricals this summer, I am not sure that it costed them that much money. Remember that except for Telus, they own much of the media used for those ads.

But you are correct. And it took a long time for it to finaly admit it was not looking at Canada, Varizen Manipulation. So if this was driven by another party, Verizon had to be complicit with the game plan, Varizen Manipulation. Who met with Verizon earlier?

What the Verizon rumour did was give Mobilicity false hopes, and potentially turn away bidders for Wind who may have bet a lower price. Large corporations never leak information about potential purchases until a deal has been reached or a formal offer in case of hostile takeovers is ready to go out. Leaking your opening bid to potential competitors who might also bid for same company is not smart. When a corporation leaks a vague intention, as did Verizonit is usually to stirr things up, possibly set a floor price for a transaction forcing others to up Varizen Manipulation bid if they want to acquire that company.

Verizon leaked at multiple separate times: If Verizon had been serious, Varizen Manipulation, the first leak we would have had would have been of an agreement for Verizon to Leverkusen Lieferung Varikosette Wind for million, followed a week or two later by a formal announcement of the deal. The leak profile that actually happened does not match serious buying intentions.

Since Verizon and canadian incumbents are best buddies, why would Verizon wish to antagonize them? What do you do? Call up your buddy Verizon, make them leak false Varizen Manipulation in Canada, Varizen Manipulation, giving incumbents a reason to launch their hysterical theatricals which sends a strong signal to Carlos Slim that he would not be welcome in Canada. As well as setting a million price tag on Wind which turns away potential investors who would Varizen Manipulation bid lower.

Through their theatricals, the incumbents get brownie points from the minister since they give him an Varizen Manipulation to shine and appear to defend the interests of Canadians against big bad incumbents, Varizen Manipulation. This of course is all speculation, but this is all we can do because we have no idea where those leaks came from. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. So, the question is, why did Verizon change their minds about Canada?

Their behaviour has been appalling. Used Varizen Manipulation be that media rumours could bring a bank down, Varizen Manipulation. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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